The marginalization of Asian men

Asian Women: Up For Grabs

Fell upon this article. This girl says it all! She observed why Asian men aren’t particularly attractive to other races except their own kind. Here’s some excerpts:

“First, the media never portrays Asian men in a dominant role. They are always portrayed as nerdy, geeky, brainiacs, with no sense of themselves and no ability to attract women. In other words, the media portrays Asian men as incapable and undesirable.”

“Second, American society has many negative stereotypes towards Asian men. It has become a complete joke to think that an Asian man could ever “satisfy” a woman. Their “manlihood” is the constant subject of jokes and insults. For this reason, most women view Asian men as asexual and feminine.”

“For these reasons, Asian women, and women in general in American society are taught to view Asian men as undesirable and feeble. As you will see, this is the reason why Asian women are now up for grabs…”

“So what is the end result of all this? Asian women are “up for grabs” and this has essentially devasted Asian men. Asian men are getting the axe on two levels here. First, they are only seen as being able to date their own kind (other Asian girls). At the same time, their own kind, at an increasing rate, tends not to prefer them sexually.”

I’m probably a perfect victim of this. At my deaf school, all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade, I was pretty much the only Asian male in my class every year and was known as a “school freak” although I felt I didn’t study that much. Moreover, I never had a single girlfriend myself and the fact there was a total of only 150 students in the entire high school didn’t help much either and not to mention, half of them were mentally-challenged or had more than just one disability. However, my experience in college has gotten better—I guess because it’s more diverse and students were more open-minded.

Last week, I watched a Gallaudet football game and there were cheerleaders rooting for the team. They had 3 male cheerleaders and guess what? not even one male was a white. Two Asians (one was obviously a Korean but the other one, not sure, looked like a Thai to me) and one Hispanic. They were a perfect example of what Asian males are portrayed as: asexual and feminine. And what of the varsity football team? not even one Asian on the team! Even Yao Ming, currently the tallest player in the NBA, is perceived as a soft, weak center.

I couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph. My Asian roommate (half Japanese and Chinese) is dating a white girl—he has never dated an Asian before and doesn’t plan to. My good friend (Korean) is attracted to Puetro Ricans or Hispanics (basically looking for Jessica Alba lookalikes), although he’s now curious about dating a Korean girl because he’s getting tired of getting pushed by girls in the past. There’s another friend (Chinese) who has a baby with a PR girl too. I think one major reason why Asian men don’t want to date their own kind is that they would be perceived as too Asian or dating a white girl would help them to look more American. Look no further than Tiger Woods who’s a half Asian and Africian-American. He got married to a white model girl.

Clearly, Asian women are up for grabs.

p.s. check this out too – Seeking My Race-Based Valentine Online

For example, a study published last year in Social Science Research examined 1,558 profiles that white daters living in or near big U.S. cities placed on Yahoo! Personals, which, much like Match, lists 10 racial and ethnic groups users can select as preferred dates. Among the women, 73% stated a preference. Of these, 64% selected whites only, while fewer than 10% included East Indians, Middle Easterners, Asians or blacks.

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  1. You’ve been TAGGED! See my site for details…

  2. Again… damn I just saw your previous post, but this one’s a little different (much shorter) ;)

    BTW, the last paragraph of that article is saying that Asian women are “up for grabs” not because Asian men choose not to date them, but because stereotyping turns Asian women away from Asian men (“At the same time, their own kind, at an increasing rate, tends not to prefer them sexually.”) and at the same time women of other races reject Asian men for the same reason (“First, they are only seen as being able to date their own kind (other Asian girls.”). Hence, the two-pronged axe attack. Ah yes, how lucky we are.

    Dude, I don’t know how it is out there, but it is very uncommon to find an Asian man dating a non-Asian woman here in California, whereas there is a perceived (maybe real) shift of Asian women dating White men. And the only reason Tiger Woods was able to marry a Swedish model is because he’s a celebrity bajillionaire who’s better than everyone in the world at something.

    Articles like that are kind of irritating. It’s part liberal garbage that blames “society” for all injustices. WTF is this mysterious, evil “society” that’s brain washing us all? We ARE society! The notions that comprise societal tendencies are ultimately rooted in human nature. Yeah, we do stupid shit sometimes, or maybe a lot, but we’re all guilty of prejudice and stereotyping! And it doesn’t just appear out of someone’s spiteful ass crack. Part of it is honest observation that’s just amplified into idiocy. I’ll be the first to admit that I generally find that Asian men tend to be less audacious and more “nerdy” than the average White man, but that comes from my own perception (which, I’ll also admit, is probably influenced, to a limited extent, by culture), and not from being brainwashed by “The (White) Man”. And c’mon, these are GENERALIZATIONS. If there was a fight between a guy like Cuong Le (K1 Champ) and some skinny ass, White, emo-skater kid, would “being mind-fucked by society” compell me to have faith in the all-mighty Aryan? Of course not.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that that article was written by a Berkeley student. Everybody here loves to lay the blame on others and make excuses for problems arising from poor individual choices. “Waaahhh, I’m from Berkeley! I want equality (which I don’t even really know the meaning of) so badly that I’ll just take everything bad that happens in the world and attribute it to a contrived entity that is controlled by powerful, rich, White men!” Well, okay, a lot terrible shit actually does happen because of powerful, rich, White men, but have SOME sense of personal responsibility!

    Haha, sorry for ranting on your blog. It’s just ridiculous how some people around here are so ingrained with these extreme left-wing doctrines, much like those they cry out against, that they don’t even give it a second thought.

    Anyway… TAG!

    PS Yao Ming IS a soft, weak center. He’s got skills and potential, but damn, he’s got 5 inches on Shaq, and he lets himself get muscled around by that fatass like a little bitch. He’s like a Chinese Rick Smits. He’s definitely gotten better though. All the brothas are showing him how to be more aggressive, haha.

  3. Pahaha I just saw that Kyung got you too. You’re just everyone’s tag bitch, aren’t ya?

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