Last Car Production of Honda Civic Type R

This morning, I was reading my RSS newsfeeder and saw this article that made me somewhat sad. Some of you may know I own a 2004 Honda Civic Si (wish it’s a Type R, dammit), but someday it will be! All hatchbacks were assembled in the UK as shown below. While reading this artcile, it said that this Type R hatchback was a massive success, quadrupling the original UK forecast to 35,190 sales and was consisently voted What Car? Hot Hatch Of The Year from 2002 to 2004, BBC Top Gear’s Best Hot Hatch 2002 and Auto Express’s Best Sporting Car 2003.

Now, I wonder why couldn’t our hatchbacks be as successful as it did in the UK. They should have used the Type R engine or a K20A2, same engine found in the RSX Type S. The U.S. Honda Marketing was probably afraid to use the same engine cuz it would hurt the RSX sales. :-(

Here’s to a future engine swap!

my car. you can see some difference like the red seats, headlight projectors, LED indicators on the door mirrors, red emblem logo, and ofc the driver seat on the right side.