That’s the date I will start working at Google. It’s a good thing that my boss and I have a positive relationship. I was a little worried at how she would react but she was really supportive and gave me some advice. I originally wanted to end my employment with USDA early this Friday ‘cuz one of our co-workers is also leaving, so it would be killing two birds with one stone if we shared the farewell party together. However, my boss insisted that I serve the standard two weeks notice but I told her I wanted to take some time to visit my parents as I haven’t seen them all summer and it doesn’t help much that I’m the only child too. Then she told me how I can use my absence leave and extend my employment for an extra pay period (one more paycheck, :-) ). so I will be taking a whole week off before I start work at Google.

Time for me to find a fare from DCA to SPI.