I got the Google job!

Woot! They called me and told me I got the offer. I can’t reveal details but want to let everyone know that I got the job!

Bye bye Windows

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  1. Congratulation Nate!!!!!

    Bye bye Windows? hmmm some hints :)


  2. congrats, man! that is great news.

    I guess I’ll see you out here in mountain view in a couple months when they fly you out!! glad you got the job, you’ll enjoy working for us.. mwa ha ha ha. say goodbye to your social life!

  3. Wow, you’re moving to California??

  4. And forgot to tell you — congraulations!!!!

  5. jl

    It’s a real feather in your cap to get into google. ;) you did good.

  6. kimmisan

    weeee!!! congrats!!!
    ^_______^ come to sunny cali-for-nee-yah~!

  7. natech

    Haha, I think Kyung jumped the gun a bit too early. No, I’m not actually moving to California. I’ll still work here in the DC area. He’s talking abt inviting new employees to visit the Google HQ.

    It’s great to hear from you guys and make it even more special. :-)

  8. Congrats! Give us details once in a while about projects that are gonna come out so we can buy stocks before the value goes higher! :)


  9. natech

    Haha, even if I did, how many actually know how to buy stocks? and you gotta have the income to buy stocks too. Have you even looked at Google’s current share? Type “Goog” in the google search and find out. :-)

  10. Smart people will eventually figure out how to purchase stocks. Never underestimate how much people are worth, they may have trees that grow money. :)

  11. Joshua

    Great. Now I can brag about you ;)

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