Transfer complete!

Knowing that today is my last chance to finalize the transfer from over to (although I haven’t gotten the last notice to let me know that my account is gonna be expired, I still better not take the risk and end up losing everything.), the first thing I did was try to figure how to retract the database from the mysql server. We the geeks call it mysql dump and with the friendly interface of myPHPadmin, this dump was as easy as you would save a file from the www. Then I gotta set up the database on the new server but is more technical if not geeky as it doesn’t support localhost (default hostname for most database setups) and you gotta have to set up the hostname for the database. With the aid of docs thru dreamhost, I found a way to set up the database using my own hostname, which has a nice geeky feeling to it. Once the database has been set up, I used the import command to, well, import my blog into the new database, and then I simply copied everything thru ftp over to the new server. And here I am. Transfer complete. :-)