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Almost like what’s tagline, “today’s the day.” (I didn’t apply for the job thru them, I got referred.), I have an interview with Google tmw. It’s gonna be for a datacenter technician. You can find more info about this position here.

I’m getting really nervous about this opportunity and it’s almost a once-in-a-lifetime chance as I doubt I will get another shot if I didn’t make it. Looks like the requirements aren’t too high but one problem is that I don’t have much real-world experience with Linux. I never worked in a computer lab where entire servers are run on Linux; only windows. The U.S. government has a love affair with Microsoft Windows, so to speak, so I never had the chance to work directly with Linux except at home. I have played around with Linux on my computer but I doubt it’s enough to be able to perform tasks Google would expect me to do. I know some basic commands but not extensively that I’m able to make a delicious meal from basic ingredients. I’d be still looking into a cookbook. That’s what I will probably tell them in the interview. I will tell them that the best way to learn is thru work environment experience and see if I can handle it. I imagine myself crawling on my knees and begging them to just give me the chance. If I still cannot do the job at the end of 3 months stint, they are more than welcome to cut me off and say I wasn’t geeky enough. I will accept that. A chance is all I need and I will practically live at their one of the datacenters and become a workaholic, if hired. If I do get it, I will come home and wipe out the windows partition on this hard drive and eat, breathe, live through Linux only.

The best advice anybody’s given me is my mom. She always tell me, “Be yourself.” So, I’m gonna be myself and answer their questions to the best I can. Good luck to myself.

Oh yeah, I’ve been interviewed by IBM, Microsoft, and now Google. As they say, “third time’s a charm.”, this damn better be true.

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  1. Hey,

    Good LUCK on your interview, I honestly don’t mind working for GOOGLE. They treat you well, pay you well, no dress code and can bring dogs to work


  2. natech

    Yup yup, it’s like opening the doors to the Willa Wonka’s factory; once you get inside, everything is “chocolate.” Gotta see which way my fate will go: Charlie’s or the other kids.

  3. good luck. i’d sure love the referral bonus. :)

    you’re welcome, btw.

  4. natech

    Ha, ok. Will try my best! What would u do if u got it? spend on your mr2?

  5. Hey Nate, do not worry, you are gonna be fine. Just have faith in yourself. It would be a great experince, I have been trying to experiment with Linux, but after my second try, I switched back to sucky Windows. I know once I know more about Linux I probably will not use Windows again.

    Good luck once again and thanks bro again for helping me out with transferring my euro pixs to a pc computer then to a mac computer then to a compact disc.


  6. natech

    thanks for all the support. I just got back from the interview. I would say it went pretty well, didn’t go as bad I thought it would. I’m glad that this interview is over so I don’t have to be a nerve wreck anymore. I should hear back from them in a week or so. Fingers crossed.

  7. Post here when you find out!

  8. Good luck man! I feel ya on this one. It’s exactly where I want to be after I finish up school this year, so I’m going to learn as much as I can about Linux, networking, and systems administration up to that time. Everytime I visit Google, or hear Kyung talking about it (damn you, Kyung!), I just get this craving in my stomach b/c I want to work there so badly! I can only imagine the size of the bricks I’ll be shitting when the interview(s) come. Haha, that probably doesn’t help. Peace out bro!

  9. natech

    Jeff, sure will do. Euge, haha, you’re gonna drop out of law school path and onto the Google path? Yeah, learn as much as you can. Keep it up with your workout regimen!

  10. Vic

    hey man!
    I need to get in contact with you sometime, ask you a few questions. Not sure if the contact form on your site worked out, so hit me back if it doesn’t!

  11. natech

    Yo man, yup, I got your message and replied. Good luck!

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