You know who…

Recently last weekend, I was hanging out with two guys who went and graduated from Gallaudet Univ. All of us have a job under the government so we were chatting how much we are ditching work, finding ways to get a nap, and have two hours long of lunch.

While I thought I was doing it bad, my friend said he ditched work at 2 pm last friday, went to Gallaudet to play basketball scrimmage at 3 pm till 5 pm. “What the heck, it’s Friday,’ he said.

We’re having a usual guy talk, the topic inevitably came up, sex and girls. So, we’re talking about girls and since I didn’t graduate from Gallaudet, they talked about girls they knew at Gallaudet.

You know, when someone couldn’t remember a certain person, he would try to explain what that person looks like, like how she has this big ugly mole under her nose or she has a large rack of boobs…you wouldn’t believe how much details we were able to get into, like her legs are like cankles (calves + ankles together), or the differences in every girl. But one thing stood out. It went like this:

Boy #1: “I’ve having an eye on this girl who plays on the volleyball team.”
Boy #2: “Yeah? who’s she.”

Boy #1: ” [name withdrawn for a reason of privacy.]”
Boy #2: “Oh, I don’t recognize the name, what does she look like?”

Boy #1: “Oh, you seen this girl before! She’s like this pretty tall girl, can smack the hell out of the ball, tanned, has fine long legs.”
Boy #2: “Uh-huh, still doesn’t ring a bell.”

Boy #1: “You still dunno who? she used to have sex with this [name of guy], I feel sorry for this guy cuz she said her dildo is better than his dick but he’s lucky cuz she’s open-minded and let another girl sleep by his arms in the bed. You remmy now?”
Boy #2: “Ohh yeah, that’s her? yeah, she’s a fine-looking girl. You digging her?”

I’m not responsible for any accuracy in this conversation but my point is that you can actually remember people by who they did with and some personal stuffs. I wonder if that’s common… to remember people like that. Or that’s just us, the guys.