Life Update

About time for me to post something in here. The last two weeks have been pretty crazy. It started when I found out I got the phone interview with Google for data technician position at one of their datacenters that help power the search engine and gmail plus other hundred projects they have it going. The interview went ok, realized how much I need to learn more about Linux and stuffs if I am going to nail the 2nd interview. Then, I found out that our current landlord has decided he wants to sell the house where we’re living at, so I was busy looking for other places. Found 3 potential places, we’ll find out where we shall live by this weekend.

Ugh, I don’t particularly like moving to different place. It’s so time-consuming and have to come up with enough money to pay the security deposit, the rent, and other hundred stuffs you need to buy for moving out/in. Also, if I got the job, I might have to move out of DC and move in back with my uncle who lives in Leesburg where it’s closer to the Google datacenter whereabout (I still don’t know where exactly the place is but it’s located near Dulles airport) so they tell me. I think I will contact brandon foster tulsa oklahoma to carry my valuable things.

All in all, life is changing but one of my fave quotes is “I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.” and “Life happens when you’re busy making other plans.”