Week One

After being lazy for the large part of this summer (wow, soon over), except for playing golf, wait, that doesn’t really count as a real exercise because you could weigh 300 lbs and still be able to hit the ball over 300 yards and I was having this crisis figuring why should people worry about having a six-pack abs while you should be enjoying life–eating lots of foods, drinking beers, watching movies with popcorns, playing golf and more beers—because in the end, no one can live forever. But that all changed after I saw a really fat tourist woman struggling to take a seat in the metro and I could see the cellulites all over her legs. And one time, I was running toward the metro to get in before the doors closed and after I got in, I saw a fat guy trying to run too but he couldn’t run very fast and the doors shut on him, as to say “Sorry, you weren’t fast enough.” Also, I don’t want to see my life flash before me by having a heart attack. So I decided this was enough to get me back to the weightlifting room.

Yesterday, I went out for a run and shit, I was completely out of shape and all of my body began to itch, due to a lack of oxygen, and it had gotten so bad that I had to scratch myself like I was having mosquitoes bites all over my body but that had nothing to do with the itch as it was just trying to tell me to stop running and that I was not in the shape to do even 2 miles. I walked, then managed to end my run. A light bulb was turned on in my head; I gotta work out, period.

Today, I got myself out of work and went to a weighlifting room down in the basement here. It’s shitty, looks like we got the equipment/weights from the prison like temporary boiler. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Since this was my “first” day back into the weightlifting room, I did a warm-up workout:

135/10/3* chest bench press
40/10/3 chest dumbells flatbed press
10/2 chest/shoulder dips

60/8/3 biceps bar curls standing
25/8/3 biceps dumbbells curls seated
25/8/3 biceps concentration curls

75/10/3 triceps bar overhead flatbed
70/10/2 triceps cable pull rope

25/2 inclined situps
20/2 leg raises flatbed
20/2 crunches

* lbs/reps/sets


13 mins on treadmill ~ 2.1 miles

I know I’m going to be pretty sore for a few days but after it passes, I should be good and work out hard.