Denver, here I come!

And shall the weekend begin. I’m on my way to DCA airport and take off for Denver to attend my friend’s wedding. The groom is Mario and he was my first year roommate at Gallaudet University in 1999. Heh, he and I had the best time there (he broke his virginity during the first week there and that’s just the start). Hope he doesn’t see this post, heh. Another memory was the end-of-semester party and after barely passing all tests, we partied the hell of our heads. We bought a cheap-ass 24 beers pack and drank them all in 2 hrs, plus some liquors others shared. Needless to say, we knocked out and I better not tell what happened.

Mario, thanks for the memories and being the friend you are. We’ll always stay in touch (remmy we used to tell each other we’d want to see our kids to hang out while we grill our steaks with beers in our hands?)

Till that happens, let’s party one last time! :-)