Blogging from sidekick 2

Man, I’m telling you now, it’s awesome to be able to post from your sidekick 2. You aren’t getting the most out of ur sk if you have a blog. I don’t have to be in my seat by my computer and write an entry. I can be anywhere, whether it’s on the metro, in the plane, or even in bathroom, to blog from my sk. I’m surrounded by people and my mind is free-flowing. Like I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt that says “I <3 pro-choice boys." or seeing this poor old man struggling to unlace his shoes off before a metal detector. I bet he wished he wore a velcro-straps shoes. Also, it sucks when a kid is sitting behind you in a plane. If I get bored, I flip my sk and write an entry something like this. Most of all, you feel like a geek blogging from ur own sidekick. :-)