My first post/image from my sidekick, =)

Hello world!

Finally got this script to work. It wasn’t pretty. I actually got my new sidekick 2 abt 3 weeks ago. Found a plugin that allows you to post from any email program. Got everything set up except it refused to publish. I gave up and nearly smashed this sk.

Tonight, I was determined to make it work. Turned out to be the time zone/delay stuffs. Stupid delay (I will find you somewhere and hit delete on you). Fiddled around the code, fooling the date 7 good hours back so it won’t be delayed to publish. So you can see the time publish below. Will fix that later but for now, it’s working, that’s all it matters. =)

Now, I gotta sleep for friggin work tomorrow… it’s 1 am here, not 3 pm like the time stamp said below.

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