The Longest Sleep

Dammit, I think the movie, the Machinist, with Christian Bale, has influenced me. I couldn’t sleep and I keep thinking of this guy who’s never have had a sleep for a year. Watch the movie and you’ll see why he couldn’t sleep in a year. Btw, that movie has a slow pace to it and you’d have to wait patiently till the end to finally understand why the guy has such a struggle. So, I’m thinking if it’s humanly possible not to sleep in a year. The longest I’ve gone without a sleep is like 32 hours, when I went to a LAN party and shoot the heck of them (Warcraft, Quake, Unreal, Counter-strike, etc) all night long and day. Boy, that was fun and my brain was literally fried when I went to bed.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without a sleep?