In about thirty minutes, it’ll become Friday! Whoo-hoo. Time for the weekend! You probably already know I’m lying here or just trying to pretend I’m in a good mood. Seeing the San Antonio Spurs losing to Detriot has really pissed me off, so I’m trying to enlighten myself somehow. Thinking about Friday… Well, that won’t work. What’s wrong with the Spurs!!! Why can’t they just grab one win at Detriot!!? I’m starting to believe that there is actually a conspiracy going on. The refs calling the game in a certain way so that Detriot Pistons would win and extend the series, this time, to even up. Shit. 2 – 2 in the NBA Finals. This is exactly what Commissoner David Stern wanted to see. Boost up interests, attendence, media, or in all, more $$$. Nearly made me throw up. Ok ok, Nathan, calm down. Perhaps the Spurs will bounce and win the next game. They better be! God, shut those little stupid Pistons down! I better see the Manu Ginobili in the next game!

It’s soon to be Friday…. Ok ok, Friday…ah, I’m going to see the Batman Begins movie! That ought help to cheer my mood up. Been reading excellent reviews abt the movie; sure looking forward to it.

Let the wee-keend begins!