What is it about summer?

It seems as if my mind has gotten out of hibernation and is itching to do something. A couple of days ago, I found myself joining the gym membership and worked out on two days. My body is sore especially my triceps but my stomach needs a lot of work, so I’m aiming to pull some good hard cardio workouts this week and try to lose a pound (from 166 lbs) and stay away from rice or carb foods. Now, I look at my own site and well, it’s getting a bit boring and stale, design-wise, so I find myself itching to redesign my website. I look at professional web designers’ sites and their designs are definitely kicking ass in quality. So that got my creativity juices going and I’ve got an idea of what I want my redesign to be. I remember the first goal I have before was just to get this website up and running because it was simply taking forever to be up cuz of my damn obsession with perfectionism. Now, I’ve taken myself well into the blog world and get an idea of how “information” is distributed, and how to make it more useful and presentable. So that’s where the focus will be on the next redesign—with the information more concise, purposeful and yet pleasing.

I tried something new today—I went to a Deaf Korean church in Wheaton, MD—-and I think that’s my first time attending church in 2005. I didn’t even know they have one around here till one girl told me about it. It was interesting to see some “FOBs” who knows only KSL, not ASL. I think there were about twenty people who were in attendance and the best part was the korean dinner that followed. Pork Gulogi, rice, curry vegetables, and no korean dishes can be completed without kimchi. Also, what’s impressive was that they had a full outdoor court basketball with two backboards that are made of fiberglass, not some cheap-ass plastic you would see on driveways. I didn’t even know Koreans are into basketball. We had a little pick-up game and one girl named Min-Hye definitely can play some basketball and she’s only 15 years old, never played on a school team. I told her she should. I had fun today and that’s what happens when you do something new. :-)

Oh yeah, my new sk2 has been finally shipped and I should get it soon this week. Can’t wait! (another reason for redesigning my website)