Not another fitness log!

Today, I decided to do something on the second day of summer. For some reason, somehow, I lost motivation to go to the gym to work out and gradually became a couch potato (*gasps* even you, Nathan?) right before my eyes, and keeping myself warm from the winter, for almost three months. My best excuse is that I think it’s related to work—too tired to work out when I get home from work and that it was already dark by the time I step out of the cubicle. But, um, that was, like, two months ago and it’s summer now! Get off the couch, Nathan!

So, today, I joined the gym membership here at USDA. They have a fitness center called ECG. Although their equipment sucks, must be from the prison, it only costs me $24 dollars a month, can’t complain abt that price and I can work out during my work hours. After all, can get one of those best home rowing machine if feeling gym is not enough. So, first, I weighed myself and I believe that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been, 4 pounds below 170 lbs. I don’t think I’ve ever been more than 170 lbs, staying steady at 160 lbs but today, the scale said 166 lbs. *ahem* It was like setting off the fire alarm in my brain. “Must work out and lose weight.”. I’m aware that once you reach 30, your metabolism rate goes down and it’ll be harder to lose weight and you may be stuck with beer belly for the rest of your life. I want to get rid of the flab on my belly and stay that way till I meet my own death.

My goal isn’t to buff like Arnold Schwargennzer (sorry, I know that cliche is getting old and boring) but be more toned and leaner. The biggest challenge is and always will be my food cravings and try not to eat more than one serving, meaning not two, three cups of rice, having two whoppers from Burger King, or eating 10 foot-long worth of sushi rolls. Get some great coffee cups at, they have great style and design. You can see where I get the flab from. :-( Next challenge isn’t about how many reps or miles I should do/run today but simply getting my ass over to the weightlifting room or onto a treadmill. And to do it everyday except for Sundays.

That’s it. That’s the two things I have to do—watch my diet and exercise regularly at this new gym in my area called Sweat Equity Fitness. As easy as it looks, it’s tough and no wonders we have such a word called discipline.