Last night, just as I was getting ready to go to bed early after fighting off the urge to take a nap after work (my blood sugar level alway seems to plummet after I leave work, causing me to be really sleepy, dunno why). I checked my usual necessities—sidekick, wallet (so I could buy foods, :-) ), and keys. Except that I couldn’t find my f**king keys. I looked everywhere in the house and I couldn’t afford to lose it again because I did lose it last fall and I’m hanging on my only car key because it costs over $200 to order a new key due to some stupid security code inside the key to activate the ignition in my car. I remember I left it somewhere on the arms of the couch, so it probably had slipped into the cushions, so I looked everywhere into that damn couch. I thought about ripping up that cheap couch because there was a small crease underneath where my keys might have crawled into there but my roommate said no, it’s impossible for my keys to go through it. Well, hello, do you see my keys around? If you don’t see it, maybe it’s in there, eh? but I realize he might be right. So I spent a good hour looking for my keys and it occurred to me that my keys may not be even in the house. And my roommate’s friend was here recently, so I gave up on my pathetic search and told my roommate to ask him if he mistook my keys. So, I went to bed, exhausted, and only six hours of sleep. Grr.

The following morning, I got up for work as usual, tried to look for keys for a few more minutes but nothing. Walked, getting metroed to work. Then my roommate paged me saying that his friend indeed has my keys. Oh that gotta be the best news of the day. Appparently, he was too stoned that he thought my keys were his. Phffth. But I can’t put all the blame on him cuz I shouldn’t have left the keys on the couch in the first place.

Now, I’m thinking if I should shell out two hundred bucks for second key in case I lost my keys again….