Some irrelevant site updates

I decided to change a bit to my website, moving the “clickadelicious” section to the bigger left column to give it more room and increase its clickability. I realize I spend a good part on finding good links. It’s like finding treasures in the sand with my metal detector. So that’s my worthless reason to move the section.

I’m working on adding a “Flickr”-like photo gallery and as soon as I populate the folder with pics, I’ll post it up and you can start making fun of my amateurish photos. I have pics from the Washington DC Korean Meetup where I met an unofficial Hangul tutor. It was fun and I got to eat cow intestines and drank five shots of Soju. More on that later.

I realize I’m not writing as often as I should, or at least this rule of thumb says so. It said that if you want to attract more visitors, you should write not once but twice a day, so that your readers will know you have something new when they click onto your website or blog. Eh…

The weather here sure is playing a game with us. Last week, it was well over 80’s for most of the week and I began seeing real serious legs flip-flopping on sidewalks as I cruised down the streets with my sunroof open. Ah, spring time! But this week, the temperature went down below 60s and I had to step outside first to see if it’s warm enough to wear shorts. Otherwise, I go back inside and put on pants.

My friends are hooking me to diss work early and go play disc golf with them. I’ll do my best to sneak out of cubicle. :-)