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I decided to change a bit to my website, moving the “clickadelicious” section to the bigger left column to give it more room and increase its clickability. I realize I spend a good part on finding good links. It’s like finding treasures in the sand with my metal detector. So that’s my worthless reason to move the section.

I’m working on adding a “Flickr”-like photo gallery and as soon as I populate the folder with pics, I’ll post it up and you can start making fun of my amateurish photos. I have pics from the Washington DC Korean Meetup where I met an unofficial Hangul tutor. It was fun and I got to eat cow intestines and drank five shots of Soju. More on that later.

I realize I’m not writing as often as I should, or at least this rule of thumb says so. It said that if you want to attract more visitors, you should write not once but twice a day, so that your readers will know you have something new when they click onto your website or blog. Eh…

The weather here sure is playing a game with us. Last week, it was well over 80’s for most of the week and I began seeing real serious legs flip-flopping on sidewalks as I cruised down the streets with my sunroof open. Ah, spring time! But this week, the temperature went down below 60s and I had to step outside first to see if it’s warm enough to wear shorts. Otherwise, I go back inside and put on pants.

My friends are hooking me to diss work early and go play disc golf with them. I’ll do my best to sneak out of cubicle. :-)


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  1. kimmisan

    thanks for donating! i’ll write ya soon.. i was gonna wait till friday when i have something more interesting to report.. i have my orientation for my court job then. ^^

    hey! something i learned from crazy liberal berkeley.. try avoiding the phrase “rule of thumb”.. it was hard for me to work out of my vocabulary too.. (even though it’s contested)

    ” This term for “a simple principle having wide application but not intended to be strictly accurate” dates from 1692. A frequently repeated story is that “rule of thumb” comes from an old law regulating wife-beating: “if a stick were used, it should not be
    thicker than a man’s thumb.” Jesse Sheidlower writes: “It seems that in 1782 a well-respected English judge named Francis Buller made a public statement that a man had the right to beat his wife as long as the stick was no thicker than his thumb. There was a public outcry, with satirical cartoons in newspapers, and the story still appeared in biographies of Buller written almost a century later. Several legal rulings and books in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries mention the practice as something some people believe is true. There are also earlier precedents for the supposed right of a man to beat his wife.””

    anyways.. thought it was interesting. hahha i blog too much.. only cuz i have nothing to do when i’m sitting in front of the computer.. just too lazy to do anything.. ^^

    disc golf?! wow.. you play a lot of sports.. :-) ok i’ll talk to you soon! oh yeah.. and my computer closes adium (my chat program) when it goes to sleep.. but when it wakes up.. it logs it back in automatically.. *shrug*

  2. natech

    Ohh! thanks for the info on the rule of thumb. Never knew about that. Maybe I’m a future wife-beater, with my white tank top on, and I have a pretty wide thumb. ;-) JK! That actually reminds me of this word, picnic, which it has both positive and negative connotations. Lemme google it up. Ok, here’s the link. Apparently, there was a confusion about using the word, picnic, because not only it looks like it’s a compound abbrevation of “pick-a-nigger” but also that whites would lynch a black person in a picnic-like setting. To quote the setting,

    Phillip Dray, a historian, stated: “Lynching was an undeniable part of daily life, as distinctly American as baseball games and church suppers. Men brought their wives and children to the events, posed for commemorative photographs, and purchased souvenirs of the occasion as if they had been at a company picnic.”

    Yes it was that bad in the old days and we have come far in terms of human rights. Yet something like this is still going on in the world. Back to the point, the word, picnic, was originally a 17th Century French word, picque-nique, which means a social gathering where people would bring their share of the food. While, the etymologists said, it certainly did not begin with the lynching of Blacks; however, it would often occur in picnic-like settings.

    Think about that the next time you go to a picnic or use the word.

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