My Baby

Zoom zoom! Bye-bye, mazda and everyone else too! :-)

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  1. Awesome. Now don’t forget to put diapers on ur baby. Smart move to protect your identify from your car licnese plate.

  2. Nice car! That Si is a great all around: sporty, roomy, practical, fuel efficient, very well-equipped, and a good value. Whoa, have you seen the 2006 Civic Si concept?

    Kinda looks like a mini Accord coupe. They’re gonna stick a 200HP 6-speed in it, on 225/40/18s! My guess is that it’s going to be the K20A2 engine from the RSX Type S (though the article does say it’s going to have a newer revision of i-Vtec)… but then what are they gonna do with the RSX??? I bet the Si is going to cost about $20k though. God, the performance bar has just been continually rising for cars in the last few years. The new Z06 is going to put out 500HP, the next M3 will have a 400HP V8, and it seems like any luxury sedan now needs to be at least 300HP. What an awesome time to be living in!

  3. natech

    Lol, yeah, you read my mind exactly and speaking of value, I got it at an invoice price with a free shipping destination charge! 17k out of the door, :-) So that means I have about 3k to spend on upgrading and mods for my car, :-) Yeah, I saw the new Civic Si concept and it’s loaded very nicely. I used to be a fan of coupes and was actually going to buy a RSX (used) but my parents suggested me to buy a hatchback since it’s more roomy and practical. The interior was what sold me–race seats, shifter into the dashboard and sound system is not too shabby either.

    After my warranty expired, I want to swap the engine—it’s weak on torque, I admit—and I’ve read message boards that they actually swapped engines with Acura TSX or Honda CRV! cuz even after you bolt on intake, exhaust, etc… it would only get you 10 – 15 more horsepower, which would be around 180 hp. Forgetabtit! Go get another engine in. The original K20 JDM engine would be sweeet but it costs like $4,000 to get it imported. :-( Well, the bottom line is that it’s practical, fuel efficient and the fact that a 34” Sony WEGA TV (unopened) can fit through my car, :-)

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