A very late New Year’s resolution

When the year turned 2005, someone asked me what’s my new year resolution. I thought about it and I realized that it’s nearly the same as every last year—get into a better shape, read more books, eat healthier foods, stay in touch with my parents more often, don’t go to bed too late, don’t oversleep, and so on. I realize they were not exactly very inspirational so I looked around other people’ blogs to see what they say about theirs. One actually read a book every week and blogged about it. Someone actually ran at least a mile everyday. Someone else wants to watch Oprah and Dr. Phil shows everyday. There were many good ideas but I’m not that ambitious or have no desire to do that kind of thing. Fast-forward to April 6th, 2005, I found my new year resolution and that’s to learn Korean language, Hangul. My textbook arrived yesterday, so I begin my self-education now.

After flipping through the textbook, I realize something. There is no way am I gonna learn this all by my own. To keep my motivation high, I need to find someone or a group to share it with, someone who can help guide me and recognize my mistakes. It is fruitless to learn a new language if you don’t have someone to chat. It’s like learning a new magic trick and you don’t have anyone to show to. Again, I go to the web and to my surprise, I found some good websites. korea.banoffeepie.com. Actually, their tagline is “Korean-related weblogs written in English.” Simple. This website is like a webring that contains the list of blogs that relate to Korea. I just submitted my blog there but it has to be approved first before it goes into the list. Next one I found was the meetup here in DC. I joined the group and hope to meet some of them!

Like being a teacher, I have to make a lesson plan. First week – memorize the 21 vowels and 19 consonants. Make index cards as flash cards. I feel so like a kid in elementary school!


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  1. kimmisan

    hey nathan! this is kimmy (kimmisan on xanga~ kyung’s er… whore.. -_-)

    haha.. thanks for commenting.. really cool that you are trying to learn korean and find your roots- as they say. wow.. we have a lot in common already. even though my last name is crawford.. i’m full korean.. but don’t know much korean and i’m trying to learn myself. haha one way that i hope to do this is that i’m aiming to go to korea to teach english.. (well if it goes through).. kind of an immersion learning.. *shrug* i like challenges and though it would be cool considering that i’m still trying to figure out whether i wanna be a teacher too.

    i agree.. it’s not easy to learn but it’s definitely the easiest of the asian language (so they teach you in korean class- which i didn’t fare too well in.. heh).. it’s phonetic after all. good luck with that! if anything.. night classes at a community college or something like that might help too. (don’t kno if that’s what they do there on the east coast.. but i plan to start going to night classes in the near future to work on my spanish again.. haha i speak spanish better than korean!)

    how did you meet kyung? he’s sure a popular guy. haha.. it’s gotta be cars or linux. either is very sexy. lol~ i’m somewhat interested in both so kyung and i get along. :-)

    i heard dc is a beautiful place to live.. have yet to visit it myself.. i submitted my email above.. kcrawford@gmail.com– email me.. :-) it’s always cool to meet new people.

    best of luck to you and hope to hear from you soon.

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