My running route

In the past two weeks, I’ve been running and I thought it’d be cool to sketch out my running route and show to you what my route looks like. The route involves some downhills and uphills, which actually makes it more fun and challenging too. There’s a heavy traffic at the intersection of Florida Avenue and New York Ave and I would often have to stop and wait till there is a clear path to get across the intersection. My average time seems to be approx. 35 mins and is almost 4.5 miles long. Well, you can imagine me running along by that red line on the map. :-)

my running route

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  1. hey man! finally got around to respondin’ to ya. you caught me while i was away on break (which turned into a trip to Detroit). great to be back in touch with you. and this is a nice running route, mostly avoiding the major roads with all the smoggy cars.

  2. natech

    Good to hear from you and by the look of your blog, you must have a good time but sorry to hear about your great-grandfather. Life’s full of surprises, you know…

    As for my running route, obviously you haven’t been to DC that often, which you will be soon. There’s a lot of cars on Rhode Island and Florida Ave, so I gotta watch out the corners of my eyes.

    You’ll be in DC soon, right?

  3. josh

    You may want to take a cleaner route that has less traffic… Gasoline and diesel engines emit several types of pollutants such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides, and carbon dioxides. These are hazardous to your health because it can aggravate your respiratory system, damage to your lungs, and increase the risk of cancer. More nature the route is, the better. Y’know?

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