Death of DVDs

This guy named Iain Thomson predicts that online broadband services will replace DVD as popular medium to watch movies. But it will depend on consumers to have high-speed broadband. Once it reaches a substantial amount of subscribers, DVD sales will start to fall. This actually makes sense because I keep seeing countless wasted DVD copies everywhere that never got sold and companies are scrambling to find ways to get rid of the copies, i.e., Netflix, Wal-Mart, near the cashier’s lines, even a drive-thru at Mcdonalds, you get what I mean.

This leads me to make a prediction on top of that. I predict Microsoft will dominate home environment and they are only getting their feet wet. Users are giving rave reviews to Microsoft’s media center edition (MCE) 2005. Just go to the and see what users have to say about that. They even admit they loathe Microsoft but love MCE. Microsoft recently added an extender to connect to MCE, making it more widespread around the house. MCE will really set off once online broadband get into mainstream. You either love to hate or hate to love Microsoft. That seems to be their motto right now.

I better buy stocks before this market sets off. :-)