Cross Post for Xanga

While looking for plugins to enhance the use of WordPress, I stumbled onto this plugin that allows you to “cross-post” in your Xanga post. It was designed for Xanga users who prefer to stay in their own world. They even call themselves Xangains, or something like that. Think of it as a simultaneous tool so that you don’t have to post twice. Post in WordPress, then it’ll post in Xanga too. Hopefully, they’re brave enough to get out of their world and pay someone a visit. ;-)

The plugin is called Croissanga. Doesn’t that sound like a nice name?

*note: there is another similar plugin so I’m currently testing it to compare.

*updated* Couldn’t get the second plugin working due to some error in HTTP request, so this will do it for now. I notice a little longer delay as it sends a transmission to Xanga website. Well, hope it’s worth the posting.