Is there such a job for web-surfing?

I must admit: I spend a good part of my day on web-surfing. Whether you think it’s geeky or an awful way to spend your day. I know for one thing. I can’t stop web-surfing. It’s like an addiction. I find a joy in finding cool or useful websites, i.e. “Hey! you gotta see this webpage.” and drag my friends to see what’s showing on my widescreen flat monitor. It’s like finding your keys after it was lost for 2 days. That kind of euphoric feeling. Google is currently indexing a little over 7 billions pages weekly. 7 billion pages? And we’ve only scratched 1 percent of them. Isn’t that kinda sad? So I suppose it’s my goal to scratch a little more than 1 percent and find some cool stuffs.

I wonder if there’s such a job for web-surfers and make recommendations and spread the knowledge. Although I have a job at the government, I probably only do 4 hours of real work and the rest on web-surfing. I’m aware that Google has researchers who “googles” information. I’d love to do that. One thing about me is that I can almost find ANYTHING through the internet. Sometimes, my friend and I would play a game and see who would find the information first. “Haha, I found it first before you did.” or “Can’t find it? I have it on my screen, wanna see it?” with my face grinning broadly.

Well, if you know of a job that web-surfs, lemme know!

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