DC Weather

It wasn’t a week ago that the temperature here was 70 degrees in middle of January. 70 degrees! I pretended I was a groundhog and didn’t see my own shadow and announced that there will be no more cold weather from now on. We’re gonna have early spring and let’s see these cute legs showing when girls start wearing super shorts, or is it short shorts? Whatever, you know what I mean. I made plans to play disc golf that weekend and will not need to wear a jacket, maybe I’ll even wear shorts myself. Then the next day… the temperature sunk like the Titanic ship, literally, to like 30’s. Waah. And a couple of days later, my little blue number in the system tray says it’s 17 Fahrenheit and feels like 2 with the wind chill, dew point, baromoter and whatnot. :-( Too cold to play disc golf. And the weather forecasts say it’ll get a tad warm between 30’s and 40’s. Still not warm enough to see these cute legs to come out.