In perpetual construction

For some reasons, I seem to have a severe deficiency, or severely lack the ability to complete a project. I get started on something yet I never finish it. It’s as if there is no finish line for me to finally cross and say “Yes, I finished it.” I started designing my new website when I bought a domain address under my name last summer—around July or August. And it’s been in “construction” ever since. I changed from movable to blogger, back to movable, then changed to WordPress. I have to re-learn codes since they differ in publishing and functions. Now, it’s been a week since I’ve started digging into WordPress after I decided that it will be my primary blog tool (the best part is no waiting for the static pages to be updated). The current progress is somewhere between 40% and 50%. I realize that since design is an appearance, you have to spend an exceptional amount of time on tweaking your look. You don’t try on one dress and said “Yes, this is the dress.” You try on different dresses ( I hope to God not in a number of hundreds) to find the look you think is the best. So, this applies to web design that I’ve been playing and experimenting with different designs. But the problem is that while you can get in and out of the dress and put on another, you can’t do the same with design. You have to come up with ideas and create a rough draft in Photoshop or Fireworks, then implement the design into CSS and see how it looks. If it doesn’t work out the way you’d like it, then you go back to square one and start all over. This can take up a lot of time and factor that with my lack of ability to finish a project. Now you see why it’s taking up so long. :/

So far, I think this design is the one. I hope to finish this design soon and hopefully, at last, to cross the finish line.