Fedex Logo

You know the famous logo of Fedex, right? The first three letters are in blue/purple, the last two orangish. You’ve probably seen it a countless times but do you know that there is something more to the logo? Look at the logo again and more carefully. See anything? No? Look at the empty space between E and X. You’ll start to see the shape—yes, that’s right, an arrow. I discovered this by stumbling on one of the billion web pages and this blog talks about the man who designed the logo for Fedex. This logo has become one of the most recognizable logos in the world, along with Mcdonalds, Nike, Adidas, IBM,, etc. The logo was conceived when the founder of Fedex wants something strong that can be seen from five blocks.

When I see the Fedex logo again, I’ll always look at the arrow, not the words.