Holy cow! a modded xbox with Mac OSX!

*wheezing* I’m a regular visitor to one of my favorite websites, Gimzodo.com, and it tracks any latest gadget and is updated daily (it’s a blog website). It keeps me abreast of new technology stuffs that are coming out everyday. If you own a xbox, you’re in a luck. Xbox is arguably the easiest system console to mod. Why is that? Because it’s based on a PC system. People are able to crack the xbox open and simply flash the BIOS. Bingo, you have an modded xbox that can play any kind of vidoes, MP3s, and can be a server to store files. I installed a 160 gb hd drive into my modded xbox. Now, this link, http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~ranma1/mac_install.html, you CAN install a fully operating system, Mac OSX, onto an modded xbox! I’ve decided that this will be a project and I will attempt to install Mac OS on my xbox. Can’t wait!