Weather service comes near you!

As I push my website closer to a “final production” version (meaning ready for public viewing), I have an idea that I want to add weather information to my website. You may ask why do I even want to bother putting weather info if there’s tons of sites that have it, such as The Weather Channel, Accuweather or rather, find it out in the newspapers? You do have a point but do you really want to type zip code or city and state everyday in the input box to get the weather forecasts you want?

Now, you’re thinking “Well, I use cookies to remember my preferences.” Only if you don’t mind sharing your personal information to the websites and besides, do you really want to see those ridiculous ads that appear next to your weather news everyday? I don’t think so too. That’s why I want to put weather forecasts on my website without even bothering with flashing ads or typing the zipcode. The place to do that is to firstly download a file from this weather service website, and then configure the code to get your weather info. I’m doing that now and I’ll post again once I get it working and explain how. :-)