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Like I said in my previous post, I’ll be back. Not much work has been done as I’ve been thinking about what I should put on this page, with layouts. I’m thinking of putting the search box at the top right under the navigation bar but I’m not sure what else I should put up there. Using movabletype is pretty cool, can be complicated at first but now I’m getting the hang of it.

I think I see some bugs and probably will upgrade to its latest version, like deleting entries wouldn’t work and I have to go directly to the database and manually delete unwanted entries. Also, I wonder if there is a way to edit this index page on the fly inside the server rather than having to go the templates menu and edit within the browser. I also want to add RSS feed news somewhere here, maybe on the side or under this body. The real reason why I decided to do this is to keep my skills intact and I’ve never had a complete website before; only half-completed or or a mock project for my courses at RIT. Alright, I’ll work on this page a bit after I submit this. G’day.


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