First post on Blogger

In this past week, I’ve been working on my new website that would include a blog. At first, I decided to use movable type as I heard a lot of things about them and a lot of people seem to be using movable type too. I had a bit of trouble installing everything but managed to get it to work.

My first impression was that I thought it was well-constructed and nicely designed. Then I added a navigation bar, which required many edits. Everything seems to work well except for one thing. While it gives you a sense of “software enterprise”, where you could see everything, it is not a quick edit blog. For me, I’m very fussy on tiny things and if I see something out of place, I quickly edit it, then re-post to see the changes. Movable Type is not designed for something like this and it’s more of a group blog with multiple users or someone who doesn’t have a remote access to Unix server. Which was why I decided to look elsewhere to see other options and the first thing came to my mind is Blogger, now owned by Google. I should say that I might be biased because I’m a fan of Google and has an email address with them. Also, I was aware that Google has redesigned the whole blog and I must say that they have taken it to the new level. Everything was installed in less than 5 minutes and only took me a few minutes to customize my own template and I can quickly edit it. If you have an access to Unix command on the server, then you can very quickly edit pages such as style sheet and see the changes very fast. That’s what I like.

So, after this post, I’ll migrate everything to Blogger but will still keep movable if I happen to need their services. I’m going to create a photo journal, my daily blog in home and tech blog in portfolio.

—tranmission ends—–