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Google Korea

Office shows where I currently work at.

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Snow in Seoul

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Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

2010 was a year of struggles. Wonder what will 2011 bring.

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The Ball – ASL story

Ben Bahan. One of the greatest ASL storytellers.

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Kirkwood resort at Lake Tahoe, CA

Me and Mayuma.

ASL story – Surfer competition

by Nathan W. Kester and Joseph M. Davis

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Doodle 4 Google My Australia video clip

Cool, my boss, Dennis Hwang, is in this video.

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The greatest movie training clip ever

Makes me want to work out every time.

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Korean girl’s skating skill video

Saw this from a friend’s blog. I’m beginning to wonder why Asians are so good at skating? probably because our legs tend to be short and strong.

She skated like it’s nothing to her!

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Korean music video: Kiss – Because I’m A Girl

Why do Koreans love this kind of tragedy?

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JD’s ASL storytelling, with ABC and 1 to 20 numbers

Ha, my friend Joseph Davis just posted an ASL video on youtube. He’s one hell of a storyteller!

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