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Tip: How to get Netflix DVDs quickly

I’ve been subscribing to Netflix. At first, I was leery of their mail distribution system as I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to send/receive DVDs quickly through mail but lately, it seems that Netflix has been improving their mail distribution where I’m satisfied with their service and time. I’d like to share one tip to make sure that you’re getting your Netflix DVDs quickly enough.

Netflix has two enclosures: one as a mail and another as a DVD cover. On the DVD cover, it has a bar code on it. It’s this bar code that you need to make sure that it gets inserted into mail the correct way so that Netflix can scan the bar code computationally through their assembly line when it receives mail.

One time I didn’t insert the cover into the mail correctly (I had already sealed the mail before I could re-open it), my mail turnaround was much longer, because it got thrown into a bin where staff would have to open mail by hand and scan it in.

It’s easy to measure timing because Netflix will send you an email notification when it receives your DVDs.

One thing I notice about Netflix is that they really do have a large movie selection from new releases to foreign movies. They are efficient enough to cater to any type of movie audience while offering attractive monthly fees, starting with $8.95 plus streaming.

Happy watching!

*I found a nice article on Netflix’s mail distribution. They have 58 warehouses across the nation.

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WordPress loop in its simplest form

while (have_posts()) : the_post();



To control the posts, use query_posts() function like query_posts(‘page_id=7’) before the loop code.

Format hard drive with FAT32 in two steps

I recently bought a nice-looking external hard drive from Vantec. Since I have both PC and Mac, I need to format the hard drive in FAT32 filesystem and by Windows Vista’s disk management, it doesn’t give you the option to format with FAT32, only in NTFS. That’s no good because Mac cannot write to NTFS, it can only read the filesystem. With some Googling, there is a turnaround to this. The command line is your solution.

1. Go to ‘run’ from the start button and type ‘cmd’ to bring up the command window.
2. Type this in the command line: format (Drive letter): /FS:FAT32

That’s all! The format process will take a while, at least it will give you the percent it’s completing at.

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Too many windows open when Finder starts up?

My friend Blake was having this problem when his powerbook g4 starts up, too many winders open in Finder, causing the powerbook to freeze up. He was able to open up the system preferences and create a new account, then log into the new account. However, he cannot copy files in his account due to permissions.

So last night, we were working on this issue and googling around for a solution. Indeed there was. If you have this same problem when too many windows are opened when Finder starts up, you need to trash your Finder preference file, which is located at

Here are the instructions. Taken from

Delete Finder preferences using Finder

1. Open a Finder window and navigate to Home > Library > Preferences folder.
2. Trash the file
3. If you are using Mac OS X 10.3 or later, also trash the Finder Sidebar preferences file,
4. Perform one of the following tasks:
1. Log out, then in again.
2. Relaunch the Finder by choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu, selecting Finder, then clicking the Relaunch button.
5. Empty the Trash.

Delete Finder preferences using Terminal

If you cannot launch Finder, you can delete its preferences using Terminal.

1. Launch Terminal, located in the Applications > Utilities folder.
2. Delete the primary Finder preferences file:
3. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written
4. rm ~/Library/Preferences/
5. Press Return.

1. If you are using Mac OS X 10.3 or later, delete the preferences for the Finder Sidebar:
2. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written:
3. rm ~/Library/Preferences/
4. Press Return.
5. Perform one of the following tasks:
6 Log out, then in again.
7. Relaunch the Finder by choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu, selecting Finder, then clicking the Relaunch button.
8. Empty the Trash.

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