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I turn 25 today.

Wow, I’ve been living here for 25 years. It seems only yesterday that I made this post, then somehow, Time fast-forwarded one year later and I’m 25 today. Yikes.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I knew I had the same birthday with George Washington, the first President of the US, so I was curious who else has the same birthday.

Michael Chang – famous tennis player
Drew Barrymore – actress
Vijay Singh – #2 world rank golfer
Julius “Dr. J” Erving – probably the only NBA player with a Phd
Robert Baden-Powell – founder of Boy Scouts
Steve Irwin – Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet channel

I believe Chelsea Clinton’s birthday is tmw too. So I share the same birthday with cool people. :-) Ofc, Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln (my fave president, Bill Clinton is second) were also born in this month.

I remember when I was growing up, I was worried whether my birthday was authentic or not because I was adopted and I know some adopted friends whose birthdays were guessed. So that means I could be one year older, or one year younger till I found my family in Korea and one of the first questions I had was my birthday. They told me that it was the right one so I was relieved to know that my birthday is accurate and authentic. I even found out what exact time I was born, at 3 o’clock afternoon. It’s also nice to know that we all are two years apart—my sister’s 29, my bro’s 27.

Now, I’m thinking about trading my car for an S2000.


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The existence of 24 years on this planet, Earth.

Today, I turned 24 years old. 24, just like the Fox show, 24. If you’re Chinese or an avid lover of Chinese astrology, you know I’m a Rooster. That’s something I learned today that you can easily figure out somebody’s age by just asking them what’s their Chinese horoscope. Unlike horoscopes which are monthly-based, it’s based on a year and Chinese has twelve different animals, so there are 12 years. (Duh!) Unless you’re really lousy at guessing people’s age, you have up to 12 years as a margin of error. So, if you were to guess my age, I can be 36, 24, or 12. I don’t think I look that young at 12 nor old at 36, so I’m 24. I dare you to ask someone and ask her or him if they know what’s their Chinese astrology and you shall have their age. :-) (so rude, I know.)

I remember someone who got so distraught after she turned forty years old. It kinda surprised me that she would get upset. Did she just wake up in her bed and say “Oh my god, I’m 40 today!!”. She oughta know that it’s coming, no matter what, and she’s gonna break out in tears when her birthday came? Well, she should know that she’s getting older not by every 40 years but every second. We all are getting older by this sound of tick-tock, tick-tock. What are you gonna do about it? Let each second passes? No, I don’t think so and we all should make every second counts. Life’s a game and you only get one chance.

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