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RIP Steve Jobs

Hard to believe you’re really gone. Rest in peace, Steve.


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Deaf Korean couple in Apple Facetime commercial

Guy: “You look beautiful.” *finger on cheek*

Girl: *blushed* kamsahamnida (thank you)

Girl: “I wish I can see you.”

Guy: “Me too.”

Girl: “I love you.” (this is cute because this is supposed to be signed with two hands (palm over the thumb) but with one hand holding the iPhone, one hand is being signed.)

Guy: “I love you too.”

Pretty universal, isn’t it? ^^

iPhone 4 and facetime – close enough!

Well, time has arrived. More than 3 years ago, I anticipated that there will be a phone with a video-conferencing capability and would use wifi, which has enough bandwidth to carry out a VC conference. My post on iPhone: future iPhone for deaf people.

Facetime on YouTube:

They showed sign language at the end. Nice!

Yet another iPad review

Though there are tens of thousands of iPad reviews already, I still feel like writing one and will be brief at that. Well, first all, iPad is unlike anything I’ve used before. Why? simply the hardware form factor of it. Every other device has a keyboard, so my brain was wired to using keyboards and to type in a rapid manner. Not on this iPad, my mind actually slowed down, altered the way I would normally compute. Okay, I just need to touch on the screen, swipe/tap something. Pause, absorb information in (combination of reading and scanning—basically looking for key points in each paragraph, from top to bottom). Then I move on to the next thing, whatever that holds my interests. As a webmaster for Google, I also looked at some of webpages and see how these look on the iPad. They all look clean, structural, thanks to a defined styleguide that we have developed over the years. e.g. – plenty of whitespace, blue hyperlinks, one clear to action blue button, and page speed.

I had a VC chat with my parents recently and was showing them the iPad. My dad isn’t exactly very technical person but he grasped the concept of it right away. He likes to read comics, so I was showing different comics right on my iPad, also showed USA Today, which my dad subscribes to. Then I showed books and magazines to my mom. All within swipes and taps. The most important part of this is space. There are countless books, magazines around in my parents’ house and we’d have to haul them around, and re-organize again. There is none of that with my iPad.

Now, my mom’s thinking abt getting Kindle (says iPad is a bit too much for her), so she can read all the Danielle Steele’s books. But my dad will keep his USA Today subscriptions.

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Too many windows open when Finder starts up?

My friend Blake was having this problem when his powerbook g4 starts up, too many winders open in Finder, causing the powerbook to freeze up. He was able to open up the system preferences and create a new account, then log into the new account. However, he cannot copy files in his account due to permissions.

So last night, we were working on this issue and googling around for a solution. Indeed there was. If you have this same problem when too many windows are opened when Finder starts up, you need to trash your Finder preference file, which is located at

Here are the instructions. Taken from

Delete Finder preferences using Finder

1. Open a Finder window and navigate to Home > Library > Preferences folder.
2. Trash the file
3. If you are using Mac OS X 10.3 or later, also trash the Finder Sidebar preferences file,
4. Perform one of the following tasks:
1. Log out, then in again.
2. Relaunch the Finder by choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu, selecting Finder, then clicking the Relaunch button.
5. Empty the Trash.

Delete Finder preferences using Terminal

If you cannot launch Finder, you can delete its preferences using Terminal.

1. Launch Terminal, located in the Applications > Utilities folder.
2. Delete the primary Finder preferences file:
3. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written
4. rm ~/Library/Preferences/
5. Press Return.

1. If you are using Mac OS X 10.3 or later, delete the preferences for the Finder Sidebar:
2. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written:
3. rm ~/Library/Preferences/
4. Press Return.
5. Perform one of the following tasks:
6 Log out, then in again.
7. Relaunch the Finder by choosing Force Quit from the Apple menu, selecting Finder, then clicking the Relaunch button.
8. Empty the Trash.

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Apple releases new ipod nanos

Ooo, nice, I like aluminum enclosures, same with mini ipods but their battery is no good. Too bad I probably won’t buy it. Why? cuz I think I’m gonna buy the sk3 with mp3 capability and plug in the 4 gb miniSD memory card. Gotta save pockets. :-D

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