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This just inspired me to become a better blogger. Action coming soon.

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Keyboard balance

Hi again, (to whatever ghost I may be talking to but it might as well as have been you.)

Your keyboard is sadly imbalanced. Imagine that your chair’s legs are badly misaligned, that one side is higher than the other side. Your keyboard is like that. Other than the alphabets keys you’ve been pouncing on to do things on your keyboard like emails, browser URLs, coding, etc, the most frequent keys are your backspace key and enter key. Much to this misfortune, both of them are on the right side of your keyboard, giving imbalance on your hands just like that misaligned chair.

I’ve remapped my mac keyboard to use caps-lock as a delete key, giving me a balance on both sides of this keyboard and making a good use of both my pinkies. They equally need much love.

I just downloaded this keyremap4macbook. For Mac users on Leopard, you’ll need to set the caps-lock key to do nothing from the modifier keys in your control panel first. Then you can download the package, and after it’s installed, put a check on ‘change caps lock’ to delete. Your keyboard will be now balanced and you will get much joy in both your hands.

Happy typing.

Blackberry users: how to set up with gmail

Hi blackberry users,

Despite the iPhone’s latest popularity (over one million sold), I still find blackberry pagers superior in emails because at the end of day, reliable speedy communication is all what it matters and not to mention, blackberry does have a solid form factor that is tough, compact and uses hard keys, which is much friendlier for your thumbs.

If you’ve been using blackberry email address like for your pager, you might want to consider setting up with gmail. Why is that? the backup. After you set your blackberry up with gmail, everything is copied to and you won’t lose your data, should your blackberry become missing.

Let’s get to it.

For AT&T users

Go to

Create an account if you haven’t. It is separate from your billing account.

Click on ‘Set up Account’ under Add An Existing Email Account.

Fill in your gmail account and your password. There is no need to set up POP, IMAP or anything like that.

Your account is set up! but there is one more thing you might want to make. Sent messages will be forwarded to your blackberry every time you send a message. It’ll get annoying, so you will need to set up a filter.

So, after you set up an email account, click on ‘Filters’, then create a filter and name it ‘sent’.

Change the dropdown to ‘From’ field. Put down your gmail address in the field after ‘contains’. Then click on ‘Do not forward messages to device.”

Click on ‘Save’.

Now you’re really all done! happy thumbing. :-)

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Screenshot – wall clock


via vladstudio


learns a new word, wanderlust. I tend to have that often.

Wanderlust is a loanword from German to English that designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander[1], or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world[2].

Marco Polo who traveled the “golden road” all the way down to Hong Kong and back. His map route can be found here. Wow.

The light

While waiting for our food to be served, I had my camera with me and being a bit bored, I started to play with my camera. That was then I saw the brilliant light coming through the glass doors. It was quite captivating, so I started to snap pics of the light.





Those converse shoes are quite popular in Korea.


I’m trying to blog a little more after a while. Much to my amazement, a person named Ehren Cheung made a mention of my blog.

I’ve always enjoyed aspects of writing but I know I don’t claim same level of penmanship like Shakespeare or Faulkner, more like Ernest Hemingway, so I guess it’s fortunate that we have blogs where simple, clear and concise writing is only needed, If you’re new to blogging or just starting a blog, check out the Bloggeroid site.

I’ll end this post with a link to what makes for a good blog.

1. Good blogs have a voice. Who wrote this? What is their name? What can I figure out about who they are that they have never overtly told me? What’s their personality like and what do they have to contribute — even when it’s “just” curation. What tics and foibles fascinate make me about this blog and the person who makes it? Most importantly: what obsesses this person?

Gives me something to think what I want to make of my blog.

Philosophy on Wikipedia

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Philosophy a lot so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, justice, beauty, validity, mind, and language.

It’s nice to know that those philosophers have had similar thoughts that I’ve been having. Everyone should read philosophy and ponders why we’re all here.

1440 minutes

That’s all we have in a day. 1440 minutes. Use them wisely.

The main themes:

You have only 1440 minutes per day. Use them wisely, and respect other’s 1440.
Cut out everything that wastes your (or other’s) time.
“Do Less” by focusing only on what matters.
Identify the real problems (ie., what keeps your boss up at night) and solve them. That’s your best path to career advancement, approved budgets, etc.
Don’t tolerate a work environment that wastes your time.


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