UPS package box

Something funny happened at work today.

One girl brought a UPS package box into a meeting. That UPS package box happened to be for my co-worker and I. They were giving us a gym jacket to show appreciation for our recent work on developing their webpages. The girl was having a hard time opening the box, poking into the box with a scissor.

I had to shake my head a little, got up and went to help her open the box. There was a tab on the side of a box that she can pull and the string underneath will “cut” the box and get it opened.

The girl was surprised. She said she never knew there was a tab and that she was always trying to open it with a scissor. Ha, oh man, girls can be so klutzy! *shaking my head*

The End.

Virtual interpreters a possibility?

Saw this article on BBS news: Technique links words to signing

The system, called SiSi (Say It Sign It) was created by a group of students in the UK.

SiSi will enable deaf people to have simultaneous sign language interpretations of meetings and presentations.

It uses speech recognition to animate a digital character or avatar.

IBM says its technology will allow for interpretation in situations where a human interpreter is not available.

It could also be used to provide automatic signing for television, radio and telephone calls.

Cool concept but for some reason, I still prefer word-by-word translation and keep ASL to social—to have a conversation with other signers.

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Google Search in BMW

BMW manufacturer loves to put latest gadgets in their cars like they did with iPod. Now, they’re doing it again with Google, putting their local Map search in. Google has a competitive advantage over other GPS providers with their fast-loading Map pages and relevant searches.

BMW is the only automobile manufacturer to offer the Google local search in the car – available now. For the first time, you can use this search function to look for local information everywhere in Germany with the world’s most famous online search engine. When you find what you want, the details are transferred to the navigation system and car phone at the touch of a button. The system identifies the location and destination of the vehicle automatically and displays the results in the vicinity with details of address, phone number and distance.

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