Wayne Betts Jr.’s impersonation of a guy who’s “oralistic”

Heh, funny. I met him during Jr. NAD convention at Rochester, NY in 1995. He was a skinny guy with braces back then. Now, he’s a director who aspires to be the next Steven Spielberg. His movie production is at mosdeux.com.

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  1. Very hilarous. My roommate at the time grew up oral, and he was very offended that I laughed really hard. I pointed out to him that Wayne did other two clips – making fun of being too “Deaf” and being timid and naive signer. So, anyone, chill out if you ever get offended. :-D

  2. My gosh.. this could be the NEW DEAF Honey Comb commercial! Now we know that people with BIG mouths eat Honey Combs cereal for Breakfast! WOW! Great!

  3. natech

    Pam, do you have that link about other clips? I haven’t seen it.

    Steve – ha yeah, he’d be a perfect candidate for that commerical. :-)

  4. Wilbur

    ..huh, his mouth movement is really bad.
    He get an “F” on his report card!

  5. Awesome job.. Loved every minute of it.
    Oralism may work for some but not for all deaf people.

  6. maryann

    :s wow big mouth some of understand some of not understand bye

  7. Keith Cagle

    Know Wayne since 1993. I never know he could speech (mouthing English)that well! What an impression!
    Proud of his accomplishment (acting and videotaping business). He is one of our promising leaders in the Deaf community.

  8. Heh yeah, if you lip-read carefully, he was supposed to pronounce “appreciate” but he mouthed “pleasure”. Still funny, nevertheless.

    Keith, yeah he is indeed one of the promising Deaf leaders and he could be our “Steven Spielberg” for the Deaf, showing what Deaf people can do.

  9. Tim

    Yes, this is very hilarous!! I can understand what he is trying to do by makeing people laugh who really understands the joke itself. Keep it up! More to come? haha. :lol:

  10. Audrenne

    He is so cute and funny ha ha

  11. :dizzy: (6) 0==(D) he is so sick and he need not learn an idiot teacher that taught an oral only but need to learn with asl,lol

  12. Joni

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Just absolutely LOVED that clip…heard he did two others: ASL and mainstream..I would LOVE to see them…anyone have them??

  13. natech

    Ok, I’ll get a hold of him and see if he can share the clips. Stay tuned. :-)

  14. Patty

    Fantastic job! I’ve known others from other oral schools so you got that downpat! It was hilarious! Thank you for sharing your creativity and sense of humor with us! :)

  15. I have the other two clips – I did not convert them into youtube clips.

  16. natech

    Thanks, Mike. I uploaded those to YouTube. Enjoy!

  17. Diana

    That awful emotion with his mouth!!!!! :x

  18. Robin

    not interest with oral and there no education learn nothing.. waste ur time to learn oral .. I am full deaf with asl period…

  19. Ginnie

    You act a monkey mouth lol and also you look like superfly at deaf nation expo center ha ha. :o

  20. scott d. burley

    hahahaha… very funny that what deaf oral think know everything than deaf culture.. make me laugh so hard.. whoa!!!! oral had been lost education… sadly!!! sign languages is more education as more understand…myself grew up oral but rebell thank God teach me … smile can u read my lip??? hahahahaha

  21. Joseph

    hey wayne…u are just the same i know back about 12 years ago when u were student at ncsd…also varsity football manager. it was so great see ur clip. it’s joseph lail…u may know me thru football practices also senior qb. Hope i would hear from u again. not hoping…this is must get back with me after long time no contacts.

  22. natech

    Joseph, I’ll make sure your message gets thru to Wayne. Hope you both get in touch soon!

  23. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  24. Damn thing confuses me! I LAUGHED SO HARD I wet my pants….I really need that! :D :D :D :D

  25. aimistar

    HILARIOUS!!!! I literally fell off my seat laffing! :dizzy:

  26. NAN

    hi! this impersonation of an oralistic is just too funny! i was in tears with laughter! my daughter just died laughing! i myself grew up with an oral background and ASL too! i surely hope i don’t look like this when i talk! ;-)

  27. dustin

    any new business comdey show yet???

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