And my ?? name is ?, ??.

*You would need to install East Asian language to make this post readable, :-)

I’ve memorized nearly all of the characters and know that I would need to continually learn the language before it’s permanently rooted into my brain. Now, I’m working on my ?? vocabulary words.

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  1. kimmisan

    oh? did you ask them? ^_^ cool!

    ? ?? ??? ?? ???.

    ?? ?? ???.

    first line: romanization=
    nae han-gook ee-rum-ee jong-il im-ni-dah.
    translation: My korean name is Jong-Il.

    second line: romanization:
    Juh-nun (I think this is right) Jinsook im-ni-dah.
    Mine is Jinsook.


  2. natech

    Hey! Actually, it was in my notebook as my bro helped me write my name. Fortunately, I was able to recognize the characters and typed it out here. Cool, huh? So, your parents gave you two names—american and korean? Dang, the font is damn small.; I could barely read the characters, heh.

    ? ? ? ??! and ? ? ? ? ? ?!

    This is getting fun! :-)

  3. Hey, it’s cool that you’re learning Korean! The grammatical structure and phonetic writing system is very straight forward and easy to pick up. I actually didn’t learn until high school, then I took some classes at Berkeley. There’s a crapload of 2 syllable words that will confuse the hell out of you though =P. BTW it’s ??, not ??, and there’s no comma b/w after your last name (?).

    And Kim, you actually wrote “YOUR Korean name is Jong-Il” and “I AM Jin-sook.”

    ? = ?? = yours
    ? = ?? = mine (casual)
    ? = ?? = mine (polite)

    Also, it’s ???, not ???, and there’s no space prior to using the verb ?? (to be).

    So it would be

    ? ?? ??? ?????. (polite)
    ? ?? ??? ????. (casual)

    I recommend bookmarking kr.engdic.yahoo.com =D

    Here’s a word (or expression, rather) you’ll definitely need to know: ??!

  4. natech

    Haha yeah, I’m trying to learn Korean and that’s one reason I’m looking to meet more Koreans so it would be more of a use to learn the language. Besides, I recently found my real family (3 years ago) and it’s not really fair to expect them to learn English so they could communicate with me since I am a Korean after all. So, the more friends I meet, the better for me to learn the language, =) Kimmisan actually referred your name as the person to ask about the language instead of Kyung! Haha.

    Thanks for all the advice and pls bear with me since I just started to learn the alphabets and also having to learn where are the characters on this keyboard! If I happen to have questions, I’d definitely ask you.

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