Welcome to ke5ter.com!

My own long-awaited website has finally come into existence. Today’s the first day I uploaded my website. Pretty soon, my website will be viewed to millions around the world (yeah right). I’ve been delaying and procrastinating to get this done and uploaded onto the Web. It’s not 100% completely finished and probably will never be. Rome wasn’t built in one day so it’ll take time to populate this website to make your visit more worthwhile.

Anyhow, one of my goals for this website is to experiment some ideas that I think will be proven useful and one day, thousands of people will be using my idea! (yeah, right too). Another reason is to use this to communicate with colleagues, friends and my family. So far, this has three pages—home, portfolio, and blog—and in the near future, I’ll add more pages like photo journal, weather, news, etc. I guess that’s all for now and I’ll post more in the future. Catch ya around.

Automatic parsing

All morning I’ve been working on php to retrieve the latest post from the blog.html to the front page since I don’t want to put all entries on my front page. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, I have an idea of how to do it but wasn’t able to figure out the codes right till I found this page that was really helpful. I want to give credits to the man who shared the codes, http://www.fluidthoughts.com/howto/php/content_syndication/. I was about half way in the codes and this page basically answered my other half problem, which was to capture the line number and keep going till the last line number that you want to parse.

Now, it’s working beautifully but one more thing remains to be solved, which is to tell the cpu to select the latest post in the archives folder. Right now, the filename is hard-coded. Hope it wouldn’t take as long as this one.

Weather service comes near you!

As I push my website closer to a “final production” version (meaning ready for public viewing), I have an idea that I want to add weather information to my website. You may ask why do I even want to bother putting weather info if there’s tons of sites that have it, such as The Weather Channel, Accuweather or rather, find it out in the newspapers? You do have a point but do you really want to type zip code or city and state everyday in the input box to get the weather forecasts you want?

Now, you’re thinking “Well, I use cookies to remember my preferences.” Only if you don’t mind sharing your personal information to the websites and besides, do you really want to see those ridiculous ads that appear next to your weather news everyday? I don’t think so too. That’s why I want to put weather forecasts on my website without even bothering with flashing ads or typing the zipcode. The place to do that is to firstly download a file from this weather service website, www.xoapweather.com and then configure the code to get your weather info. I’m doing that now and I’ll post again once I get it working and explain how. :-)


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